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Paths for excursionism, trekking and M.T.B

1. From Tovo Faraldi to Cervo Borgo
Excursionism and Trekking

From Tovo Faraldi to Cervo

…Who wishes to reach Cervo must continue until he reaches an unmade road that leads to the antennas.

Some meters before the fenced area of the repeaters, one finds a path (red squares). The path circumvents the hill on the right, going down until it reaches an unmade road that, after a short way uphill, starts to come down and becomes very rugged.

One must follow the road for three turns and after the last one, one will find a path that goes shortly downhill and then proceeds straight on the side of the coast, giving views of Cervo and the Gulf.

Leaving a crossroad on the right, one will reach a panoramic terrace right over the sea and he will walk down to an unmade road that leads to the higher part of the Parco Comunale del Ciapà. After the park sign, ignoring all crossroads, one has to follow the road, reaching the Castle of (6) Cervo.

From here one can reach the sea following the alleys of the ancient village…

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2. From Tovo Faraldi to Villa Faraldi
Excursionism and Trekking

From Tovo Faraldi to Villa Faraldi

Tovo Faraldi stretches along the crest in a position that offers a splendid view all over the Valley. Many foreigners elected Tovo as their home and renovated the houses with extreme care.

From the higher part of the village starts the mule track to the crest. Whoever walks the watershed between the Diano’s Gulf and Val Merula enjoys the splendid view surrounded by the Mediterranean vegetation

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3. Circuit of Tovo Faraldi
Excursionism and Trekking

Circuit of Tovo Faraldi

…this itinerary links the villages of Tovo Faraldi, Molino del Fico, Villa Faraldi e Tovetto, twisting and turning along the slopes modeled by ancient terracing.

Terracing the slopes was a tremendous effort for farmers who, starting from the top of the hill, would take away portions of terrain in order to bring it downhill and create a horizontal flat platform, the “fascia”, which they would sustain with a small dry wall of stones (built without employing any bond).

This effort was necessary to make the elevations, often steep and precipitous, fit for cultivation…

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4. M.T.B. Paths

M.T.B. Paths

…a unique territory, which in a few kilometers leads to the tops of the sea Alps. In every period of the year you can discover the colors and the special scents, a journey through the commercial routes, villages, seaside villages. In the attached map you can find various nearby paths or those that pass through Villa Faraldi…

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5. Circuit Tovo Faraldi – road bicycles

Circuit Tovo Faraldi – road bicycles

…starting from Tovo Faraldi (345 MASL) one cycles through the villages of Tovetto and Villa Faraldi, heading right one continues uphill towards Deglio Faraldi (356 MASL), distance 4.5 km.

From Deglio Faraldi cycling the SP downhill (5 km) one can reach the village of Molino del Fico. Going through a flat distance (1 km) it is possible to cross the Steria brook, reaching Borgata San Simone…

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6. On the track of the Milano – Sanremo

On the track of the Milano – Sanremo

…Cycling from San Bartolomeo al Mare (distance 9 km from Tovo Faraldi) on the state highway S.S.1 Aurelia towards Imperia, one cycles through the fascinating route of the Milano-Sanremo race, the most classic choice. Leaving Capo Berta behind, one faces the road uphill to Cipressa, the new one that leads to Pompeiana and Poggio di Sanremo, finally heading to the Città dei Fiori…

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